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Update: 700 PM EST: NOAA/NCEP products are delayed and missing (at their end) ... mitigating GFS and NAM
Due to NCEP server issues, GFS parallel when not be run after Dec 19 12z until further notice (few days).

Global Numerical Weather Prediction


NCEP Global Forecast System (GFS) 2014122012
      +   GFS Global Surface
NCEP GFS Upgrade (T1534) Beta  2014122012
      +   GFS T1534 Global Surface   |   Global Pressure Level
      +   GFS T1534 US/Canada Meteograms  |  Global
      +   NAO  |  AO  |  PNA  |  EPO  |  WPO
      +   Dynamic Tropopause
NCEP GEFS Ensembles 2014122012
NOAA/ESRL GEFS Reforecast v2 2014121800
Environment Canada Global Model (GEM) 2014122012
Environment Canada Global Ensembles 2014122000
Canadian 10km RGEM2014122012   Beta Page
ECMWF 0.5° (WMO-Essential) 2014122012
ECMWF 0.125° CONUS & NHEMI 2014122012
      +   ECMWF 0.125° Global Surface
ECMWF Marine Wave Forecast NHEMI 2014122012
ECMWF EPS (Ensemble 0.25°) 2014122000
ECMWF EPS Probability: Temperature CONUS
ECMWF EPS Probability: NHEMI Pressure Levels
ECMWF EPS 50-members Stamps: CONUS

Japanese Met Agency JMA Surface 2014121912
US Navy NAVGEM 2014122012
NCEP Wave Watch 3 2014122012
Global RTOFS Ocean Forecast   2014122000
NASA GEOS-5 Aerosol/Dust Forecast   2014122000

Mesoscale NWP   |   Current & Forecast


NWS NDFD 5-km Daily Temp  |  Rain/Snow 2014122019
Ensemble SREF   SREF Cities 2014122009
NCEP NAM (12-km) 2014122012
NAM-WRF 4km 2014122012   Beta Hourly| 3-Hr
NCEP Rapid Refresh Version 2 (RAP-13km) 2014122018
NCEP HRRR (3km) 2014122017   EzClick   Page
RTMA 2.5 km Meso Analysis 2014122018   |   Beta Page
NWS 4-km Precipitation Analysis 2014122012 NCEP WRF (4km):   CONUS 2014122012
    +Meteograms  |   Hourly Easy Navigation
NSSL CONUS WRF (NMM-4km) 2014092600
NCEP Hurricane WRF (HWRF) 2014111612
GFDL Hurricane Model 2014111100
NWS WPC Precipitation Forecasts 2014122012
NWS Gridded MOS (2.5km) CONUS 2014122012
Global SST & TC Heat Potential   |   OSTIA SST  |  OISSTv2

Long Range | Climate Forecast System (CFS)


CFS v2 Monthly   2014121918
CFS v2 Sub-Monthly   2014122006 Easy Click
ECMWF EPS Weeklies   2014121800
Atmosphere - Ocean Oscillations / Teleconnections
Global Temperature Anomaly   |   New page:   Beta
Global Tropical Cyclone ACE

Winter CONUS avg temperature traces. 1979-2014
Nov 18: Record Breaking Cold Blankets United States
    + Coldest November Morning Since 1976 Details

Global Model Update Schedule   all times EDT

*Graphics created as soon as data file retrieved from server
NCEP GFS: (4x daily) - 11:22 | 5:22 AM/PM -- 90 mins from start to finish for graphics
NCEP NAM: (12-kilometer 4-times daily) -- 10:00 | 4:00 AM/PM -- 4-km Nest 15-mins later
NCEP GEFS: Ensembles (4-times daily) -- 12:45 | 6:45 AM/PM -- 60 mins to finish
Environment Canada Deterministic (2-times daily) -- 12:05 AM/PM -- 60 mins to finish
European Center 10-day HRES (ECMWF) (2-times daily) -- 1:45 AM/PM -- 75 mins to finish European Center 15-day Ensemble (ECMWF-EPS) (2-times daily) -- 3:45 AM/PM -- 75 mins to finish