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Global Numerical Weather Prediction


NCEP Global Forecast System (GFS) 2014042006
NCEP GEFS Ensembles 2014042006
NOAA/ESRL GEFS Reforecast v2 2014041800
Environment Canada Global Model (GEM) 2014042000
Environment Canada Global Ensembles 2014042000
Environ Canada Regional (10km RGEM)2014042006
ECMWF 0.5° (WMO-Essential) 2014042000
ECMWF 0.125° CONUS 2014042000
ECMWF EPS (Ensemble 0.25°) 2014042000
ECMWF EPS Probability: Temperature CONUS
ECMWF EPS Probability: NHEMI Pressure Levels
ECMWF EPS 50-member Postage Stamps: CONUS
US Navy NAVGEM 2014042006
Wave Watch 3 2014042006
Global RTOFS Ocean Forecast   2014041900
NASA GEOS-5 Aerosol/Dust Forecast   2014042000

Mesoscale NWP   |   Current & Forecast


Ensemble SREF   SREF Cities 2014042003
NCEP NAM (12-km) 2014042006
NAM-WRF 4km 2014042006 City   Beta Hourly| 3-Hr
NCEP Rapid Refresh Version 2 (RAP-13km) 2014042012
NCEP HRRR (3km) 2014042011   Beta   Page
RTMA 2.5 km Meso Analysis 2014042012   |   Beta Page
NCEP WRF (4km) East 2014042000 West
NCEP WRF (4km) Upgrade:  CONUS 2014042000
    +Meteograms  |   Hourly Easy Navigation
NSSL CONUS WRF (NMM-4km) 2014042000
NCEP Hurricane WRF (HWRF) 2013120918
GFDL Hurricane Model 2013112118
NWS WPC Precipitation Forecasts 2014042012
NWS Gridded MOS (2.5km) CONUS 2014042000
Global SST & TC Heat Potential   |   OSTIA SST

Long Range | Climate Forecast System (CFS)


CFS v2 Monthly   2014041912
CFS v2 Sub-Monthly   2014041918
ECMWF EPS Weeklies   2014041700
Atmosphere - Ocean Oscillations / Teleconnections
Global Temperature Anomaly   |   New page:   Beta
Global Tropical Cyclone ACE

Global Model Update Schedule   all times EDT

*Graphics created as soon as data file retrieved from server
NCEP GFS: (4x daily) - 11:22 | 5:22 AM/PM -- 90 mins from start to finish for graphics
NCEP NAM: (12-kilometer 4-times daily) -- 10:00 | 4:00 AM/PM -- Inner 4-km Nest 15-mins later
NCEP GEFS: Ensembles (4-times daily) -- 12:45 | 6:45 AM/PM -- 60 mins to finish
Environment Canada Deterministic (2-times daily) -- 12:05 AM/PM -- 60 mins to finish
European Center 10-day HRES (ECMWF) (2-times daily) -- 1:45 AM/PM -- 75 mins to finish European Center 15-day Ensemble (ECMWF-EPS) (2-times daily) -- 3:45 AM/PM -- 75 mins to finish